Can Capitalism be Evaluated?

The combination of industrial capitalism and the common Protestant (particularly Calvinistic) notion of depravity, and more specifically “imperfectability” (i.e. the “Constrained Vision” outlined by Thomas Sowell) lead to a scenario wherein competition is the answer to economic woes, yet outcomes cannot truly be judged.

Capitalism and competition are offered as the best possible solution, yet due to the accepted imperfectability of life in this world all shortcomings can be effectively swept under the rug as less bad than it might have been.

For all the head wagging that capitalists aim at Marxists and other “utopians” they have created quite a bubble for themselves.  “This is the best of all possible worlds, and if it doesn’t seem so good, well, we told you to turn loose of that unconstrained/utopian vision.”

Could it be that in the end industrial capitalism has simply evaded judgement by being a more pessimistic, and thus harder to evaluate, ideological panacea?

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